Support & Respite Care

You Can Make an Impact

Respite Care

Respite care providers help foster families by providing short-term care for foster children – ranging from a few hours to a couple of days. This is temporary relief for foster families who may need to go out of town for an anniversary, business trip or just need a nice date night out! Becoming a licensed respite care provider can be done mostly online or through a 3-hour seated class. Background checks, fingerprints and a home assessment are also required to become a respite care provider.

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Everyone Can Do Something

There are many organizations available to help children in foster care with essential needs. But we would like to do more! We would love to support our foster families who are currently in the trenches and provide them with a level of support that will provide them with renewed energy – energy to continue to foster children in need.

Provide a meal for a foster family who just brought new children into their home!

Pay for summer camp, haircuts, a special class, or a fun activity for the foster children!

Run errands for a family and help them with daily activities as they are bringing new children into their home!

Below are a few more ideas of how you can support a foster family:

  • Become a respite care provider – regular babysitting that is more formal and regular for the same foster family so they can rest, rejuvenate, and recharge!
  • Babysit – all you need is a background check! Offer to watch the foster, biological, or all children! There are many appointments and it’s a huge help to watch other children, so they don’t have to sit in waiting rooms.
  • Be the hands and feet of Jesus – visit the foster family and assist with daily tasks such as running errands, pick up the house, play with the children, make dinner, or anything else that could be helpful!

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