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Frequently Asked Questions

Foster Care

What are the requirements to become a foster parent?
In Missouri, you can be single OR married, be 21 years old, pass a child abuse neglect check and other background screening, be in good mental and physical health, have a stable income, and be willing to attend training.
What are the costs associated with becoming a foster parent?
There is no cost involved. The home study and training is provided by the state free of charge.
Do I have a choice about the children placed in my home?
Yes, together with a case manager, you will discuss preferences and capacities.
Do I pay for everything essential needs and health care?
A maintenance payment is made monthly to help provide for the child’s food, clothing and personal needs. The amounts vary depending on various factors. You should be financially viable without these payments. Medical and dental insurance is provided to children in state’s custody at no cost to you. When a child in custody needs counseling, that is paid for through a Medicaid provider also. In addition, there are many community resources and nonprofit organizations who assist children in foster care with special needs and assistance. Click here for a list of all our community partners!
How do I get started?
Simply fill out the form and our team will be in contact with you!
When does foster care lead to adoption?
Children are legally free for adoption after the court has terminated the parental rights of the birth parents. Adoption is the permanent option for children who have been in foster care.

Tax Information

What is Cherish Kids' tax information?
Cherish Kids (a DBA of James River Charities) is a wholly owned subsidiary of James River Church Inc.

Our tax ID (EIN) number is 26-3912391

All contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law.

Respite Care

What are the requirements to become a respite care provider?
  • Fingerprints of all household members age 17 and over
  • Copies of Social Security Cards of all household members age 17 and over
  • Walk through of the home and discussion of the following safety items:
    • Storage of chemicals, cleaning products, medications, weapons, and ammunition
    • Location of smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detector
    • Observation of housekeeping standards
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Bed space and sleeping arrangements
What is the process of becoming a respite care provider?
  • Fill out the form
  • Complete and return the application provided by the agency
  • Complete a child abuse/neglect screening and criminal background check
  • Complete a home assessment to ensure your home meets licensing standards
  • Attend a Respite Care Training – online or 3-hour seated course

Domestic Adoption

Can the biological parents take the child after the adoption is final?
In the state of Missouri, the adoption process is a two-step proceeding. The first step involves the transfer of legal custody of the child to the adoptive parents and cannot take place without prior court approval. The second step is the actual adoption six months later. During the six month period following initial placement, the court will ask that a home study be completed to update the court on the progress of the child and the adoptive parents. Before the Court may enter a final decree of adoption, the petitioners must have had lawful and actual custody of the child for a period of at least six (6) months. After the six (6) month period, a hearing is held for approval of the adoption. The consequences of the adoption are that are relations and rights between a child and its biological parents are terminated and the child is viewed legally as if it were the natural child of the adoptive parents. Specifically, there are no distinctions in the law between an adopted child and a biological child.
How long does it take to finalize an adoption?
Each adoption process varies. Before a child is ever placed in your care, it may take months to prepare or meet the requirements of your state. This would include finalizing a home study or waiting for the referral from a birth family/mother. However, keep in mind that Missouri has the required six (6) month actual custody period once the child is placed in your home. This means that even after the child is living in your home and you have actual custody, it will be an additional six (6) months before the final adoption hearing to complete the process.
Will there be interaction with biological parents?
In Missouri, when a child is adopted all relations between a child and its biological parents are terminated. The child is viewed as if it were the natural child of the adoptive parents, and the biological parents no longer have any rights to have contact with the child. However, some adoptive parents will agree to maintain some forms of contact with the biological parent.
Do adopted children have severe long-term emotional problems?
While it is important to recognize that abuses and traumas can occur prior to adoption that negatively affect a child, it is also important to remember the positive effects that permanency, love, and stability bring to a child. Examples of successful, happy adoptees may prove helpful:

Eleanor Roosevelt – First Lady
Steve Jobs – entrepreneur: co-founder of Apple
Aristotle – philosopher
Faith Hill – country singer
President Gerald Ford – politician
Dave Thomas – entrepreneur: founder of Wendy’s